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Obama: Romney has Ďdisdainí for green energy

Energy companies evacuate oil rigs, slash production, as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches Gulf

Crops keep shrinking in historic drought

Ethanol Waiver Sought Amid Drought

CNOOC, Shell to diversify energy supply

Electric Car Batteries Could Get Lighter Thanks To New Material

The high conductivity--and indeed high resilience--means batteries could be made considerably smaller and lighter without sacrificing performance.

Nissan Leaf price cut by $5,000 at two West Coast dealers

Want a new Nissan Leaf for $23,000?

Trying to Tally Fukushima

The evacuation of people near the power plant reduced the populationís radiation exposure enough to prevent about 28 deaths, but 600 people may have died as a result of the evacuation itself.

Energy Demand May Rise on Heat, Humidity Across U.S. East

Natural gas power generation matches coalís for first time