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By Robert Rapier on Jul 2, 2009 with no responses

Thermodynamics Wins Again

Back in 2006, the Irish company Steorn announced that they had discovered a “a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy.” A magnetism-based perpetual motion machine is what it amounted to, which would clearly violate various physical laws, such as the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics. Steorn put an advertisement in the Economist after announcing their new technology, seeking qualified experts to form a “jury” to validate their claims. The jury is in. The laws of science do not fall so easily:Irish ‘energy for nothing’ gizmo fails jury vetting An Irish company had promised it could deliver non-polluting, virtually cost-free power but an international jury said yesterday it did not work. Scientists doubted the claims and, when the… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jul 6, 2008 with no responses

Zero Point Energy Gets a Patent

I will be flying back to Europe on Monday, so I will be out of touch for a day or so. Meanwhile, I would like to thank a reader for pointing this out: Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction I am very, very skeptical of their claims, so I was surprised to see that they got them past a patent examiner. US Patent 7,379,286 was granted on May 27, 2008. The patent reads in part: A system is disclosed for converting energy from the electromagnetic quantum vacuum available at any point in the universe to usable energy in the form of heat, electricity, mechanical energy or other forms of power. By suppressing electromagnetic quantum vacuum energy at appropriate frequencies a change may… Continue»