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By Russ Finley on Oct 8, 2014 with 13 responses

Renewable Energy Versus Wildlife Conservation


Migrating waterfowl at feeding grounds via Pembina Institute

The argument goes something like this:

Real environmentalist: “We should not allow the destruction of orangutan habitat for palm oil biodiesel!”

Apologist: “In fact by displacing fossil fuels, palm oil biodiesel is helping orangutans, as well as everything else that is alive on the planet! Orangutans are at serious risk due to climate change. Some primate species are forecast to to lose more than 95% of their current ranges!” CONTINUE»

By Megan Nicholson on Oct 7, 2013 with 4 responses

Offshore Wind in Europe: Lessons for the U.S.

This guest post from Lew Milford, founder and President of the Clean Energy Group (CEG) and founder of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), was originally featured on the Huffington Post

There are a lot of great things Europe has that the U.S. doesn’t — comfortable taxis, good table wine, Idris Elba — and then there’s offshore wind, lots and lots of offshore wind.

I spent last week in Europe hearing from key offshore wind leaders — from top officials in industry, government and finance — about how they built a large, successful offshore wind industry. I learned some key lessons, and heard some precautions, about how we should go about offshore wind development in the U.S.

I listened to them with a wary ear. There are many differences between the U.S. and Europe on energy policy and, on some issues, we in the U.S. will never go Europe’s way. Nevertheless, in the area of offshore wind, U.S. energy policymakers can learn a lot from the lessons Europe has to offer.


By Russ Finley on Jul 12, 2012 with 26 responses

The Exaggerated Promise of Renewable Energy

The continued existence and expansion of human civilization is wholly dependent on affordable sources of energy. The latest study just released by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (an organization that exists to study and promote the viability of renewable energy) suggests that it may be possible to get 80% or so of our electric power from renewable sources by 2050. The study also (inadvertently) provides evidence that renewable energy will be a minority player in humanity’s energy portfolio.

The results may disappoint my fellow solar enthusiasts because it suggests that only 13% of our electric energy will come from solar. Distributed solar enthusiasts (who favor photovoltaic solar panels on rooftops) will be further disappointed because half of that 13% will come from water-sucking centralized concentrated solar thermal power plants, many located in desert ecosystems, leaving only about 6% for solar panels on rooftops, of which many will probably not be on rooftops but in centralized power plants, probably displacing ecosystems or crops.


By Nathanael Greene on Apr 29, 2010 with no responses

Good: Cape Wind getting OK; Better: doing it faster next time

The exciting news today is that Secretary Salazar issued a record of decision approving the Cape Wind offshore wind project. As the Secretary acknowledged during his press conference, no project is without impact and minimizing and mitigating those impacts is critical. But the benefits of the Cape Wind project—less global warming pollution, a healthier local environment, more clean energy jobs, more stable electricity rates, and launching a new renewable energy industry—clearly outweigh the risks. NRDC reached this conclusion back in January of 2009 after reviewing the two draft environmental impact statements and the final EIS and my colleagues Frances, Kit and Brandi are also writing about significance of today’s announcement. It’s great that finally Salazar has, as he put it,… Continue»

By Lloyd McGraw on Mar 16, 2010 with 4 responses

Governors Join Hands Urging Washington to Push Wind

Bipartisan coalition of Governors issues proposal to Washington to mandate minimum requirements supporting wind energy.

By Lloyd McGraw on Feb 15, 2010 with no responses

Chinese Development of Wind Power more than Hot Air

China’s increase in its wind energy capabilities accounted for more than one third of the 39.1% increases around the world.

By Samuel R. Avro on Jan 26, 2010 with no responses

Stimulus Saves U.S. Wind Industry, Sets Installation Records in 2009

The total U.S. wind power generating capacity now stands at 35,000 MW, up 39% from 2008.

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 22, 2009 with no responses

Germany To Build World’s First Hybrid Power Plant

Will be the world’s first power station to produce clean energy, heat, and hydrogen capable of being stored for use at a later time.