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By ABraxton on Jul 6, 2010 with 23 responses

Nissan Aims for Double Mileage with Infiniti M35 Hybrid

The M35 runs on Nissan hybrid technology and will be the company’s first full scale roll-out of its own hybrid engine.

By Robert Rapier on Jun 12, 2008 with no responses

The Right Ideas

As a native of Oklahoma, this story was bound to catch my attention: Oklahoma’s painful car culture I know well how dependent Oklahoma is on the car. The reason? NEW YORK ( — For many people in Oklahoma, life is built around the car. With several refineries in the region, years of cheap fuel have made it possible for many people to live far from their jobs. So, I was preparing myself for another Big Oil scapegoating, when to my pleasant surprise the story took an unexpected turn: Cindy LaBeff, 46, drives 70 miles a day from the small town of McLoud to her job at a data processing center in Oklahoma City. Until a few months ago, she spent… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on May 28, 2008 with no responses

The Solar-Powered Prius

Solar-Powered Prius (Source: At the end of my recent essay on Nissan’s electric car announcement, I wrote “For my next calculation, I need to see how much power I could generate by putting a solar panel on the roof of my electric car and letting it recharge all day.” In response, a reader wrote and told me that a feasibility study has been done for this on a Toyota Prius. The paper was the source of the above picture of the prototype: Prius White Paper From the paper: Abstract The major automobile manufacturers are producing hybrid automobiles, which are part electric and part gasoline powered. Could these automobiles take another step and obtain some of their fuel from the… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Mar 6, 2008 with 1 response

70 MPG Volkswagen Golf Hybrid

Thanks to a reader for calling this story to my attention. I will be spending most of my time in the U.S. by summer, and I think I am going to have to get a car. Right now, I don’t own a car, and am happily biking to work. While biking is the national pastime in the Netherlands, I fear this is not a good option for Dallas. The New VW Golf Diesel Hybrid I had just about decided on a Toyota Prius – because it gives me the best possible compromise between something I can haul the family in, and something that gets great gas mileage (EPA-estimated 46 mpg). I really couldn’t find anything else that came close. (Suggestions… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jan 14, 2008 with no responses

Toyota Promises Plug-in Hybrid

Move over, Chevy Volt. You have some very serious competition: Toyota Will Offer a Plug-In Hybrid by 2010 DETROIT — The Toyota Motor Corporation, which leads the world’s automakers in sales of hybrid-electric vehicles, announced Sunday night that it would build its first plug-in hybrid by 2010. The move puts Toyota in direct competition with General Motors, which has announced plans to sell its own plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt, sometime around 2010. Katsuaki Watanabe, the president of Toyota, announced the company’s plans at the Detroit auto show as part of a series of environmental steps. Mr. Watanabe said Toyota, best known for its Prius hybrid car, would develop a fleet of plug-in hybrids that run on lithium-ion batteries,… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jan 13, 2008 with no responses

The Prius Tops the Explorer

Looks like people are beginning to respond to high gas prices: Toyota Prius sales pass Ford Explorer Americans bought more Toyota Prius hybrid gas-electric hatchbacks last year than Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicles, the top-selling SUV for more than a decade. The change of fortune, buried in U.S. vehicle-sales data for 2007 and unthinkable a few years ago, will find an echo at this year’s Detroit auto show, which starts Sunday. While Americans’ love for powerful gas guzzlers remains strong, a slowing economy and high gasoline prices are forcing buyers to lower their sights. While Prius sales soared 69% last year, demand for the Explorer was less than a third of its 2000 peak. As I have said before, we have… Continue»