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By Robert Rapier on Apr 29, 2008 with no responses

A Bright Story from the Solar Sector

It’s no secret that I think the best hope we have for transitioning to a post-petroleum economy is through solar power. I am optimistic that the thin film solar crowd – led by companies like First Solar and Nanosolar – will be able to deliver cost-effective solar power to the masses. I have also lately been looking at the possibility of a solar hot water heater, as I think these will be very good investments if energy prices continue to rise – especially given that there is a tax credit on these systems through 2008. USA Today just published a new story that suggests that one solar firm (not a thin-film producer) will be able to deliver solar power for… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Mar 13, 2008 with no responses

Solar in Abu Dhabi (and Arnhem)

One of the consequences of higher oil prices is that a tremendous amount of cash is flowing into the Middle East and funding business ventures there. I see this a lot in my business dealings, as more and more ventures are being backed by Middle Eastern oil money. Here is a recent example: Abu Dhabi’s solar venture Abu Dhabi is not content to just sell you the oil that fuels your SUV; now its going to sell you sunshine to keep your lights on and power your electric car when the internal combustion engine goes the way of the buggy whip. Masdar, the oil-rich emirate’s $15 billion renewable energy venture, and Spanish technology company Sener on Wednesday announced a joint… Continue»