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By Robert Rapier on Aug 13, 2012 with 4 responses

How to Acquire Accurate Energy Data and Statistics

Note: I am back in Hawaii after a long road trip, so my posting frequency will return to normal. I intend to record new R-Squared Energy TVs in the near future as well.

In last week’s Energy Trends Insider our featured stories were How to Acquire Accurate Energy Data and StatisticsInvestment Opportunities in Indian Energy Infrastructure, and a Subscriber Question on Cheap Natural Gas — A Threat to Chemical and Biofuels Producers. As we have done previously, we would like to share one of those stories with regular readers of this column. Interested readers can find more information on the newsletter and subscribe at Energy Trends Insider.

How to Acquire Accurate Energy Data and Statistics

Making good investment decisions requires access to timely, reliable data. There are a number of good sources of data, each with particular strengths and weaknesses. Here I discuss three that I frequently use. CONTINUE»