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By Robert Rapier on Sep 17, 2009 with no responses

Another “New” Thermochemical Approach

Thanks to a reader for bringing this story to my attention: Segetis: Making a Brand New Biochemical The Minnesota-based startup turns cellulosic biomass into something called levulinic ketal, a brand-new molecule that can be made into a host of industrial chemicals. Segetis wants to make mixed biomass into a hitherto unknown chemical, and turn it into a variety of industrial chemicals. That could give it an entrée to the trillion-dollar global chemical market, if it can scale up to the task. Thanks to a $15 million investment from Khosla Ventures, doled out in $5 million per year increments starting in 2007, the two-year-old startup has started making its new chemical – levulinic ketal – at a 300,000 pound-per-year test plant… Continue»