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By Robert Rapier on Oct 7, 2009 with 1 response

Updates on the Diablo Scammer

Update 12-09-09: All of the scammer’s websites that he tried to use when scamming me are now offline. Further, I am cooperating with the authorities to actually track him down and bring him to justice. You can read about the initial account here: Exposing a Two-Bit Scammer Update 12-03-09: This saga has also been mentioned over at The Consumerist. (And thank you to people who have forwarded me game keys). There are two things I want to clear up. First, I am not the person who posted the story at Reddit. I only became aware of the story because I saw the traffic coming in from Reddit on my Stat Counter. Second, a number of the commenters at The Consumerist… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on with 17 responses

Exposing a Two-Bit Scammer

Update 12-9-09: This story continues to get a lot of hits (it has been accessed 18,291 times since someone linked to it at Reddit two weeks ago), and I am aware that with the updates it has gotten really, really long. But people keep e-mailing me and asking for updates. Therefore, I am taking out the updates and putting them in a separate story: Updates on the Diablo Scammer Below is the initial story (with a few updates inserted into the story). ———————– My regular readers can ignore this, as it has nothing to do with energy or the environment. This post is about a small-time scammer who tried to rip me off – and who has been ripping others… Continue»