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By Robert Rapier on Sep 28, 2007 with no responses

No Energy Worries

At least according to Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near and Fantastic Voyage (both of which I have read). In Money Magazine’s 8 forecasts for your financial future, Kurzweil writes: Ray Kurzweil’s Future We will meet all of our energy needs with nano-engineered (engineered at the molecular scale) solar panels that are very efficient and inexpensive. We’ll need to capture only about 3 parts in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the Earth to meet all of our projected energy needs. I have a hard time figuring out if Kurzweil is a complete kook or a genius. Singularity really blew me away, and I would love to believe the future he projects, but I am not making… Continue»