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By Robert Rapier on Mar 24, 2011 with 19 responses

Modes of Transportation

Because of my interest in energy, I have a long-standing interest in different modes of transportation. One of the reasons that I am not overly pessimistic about a future in which I foresee even higher long-term oil prices is that I believe we can make a shift from modes of transportation requiring a lot of energy to move people around to modes that require much less energy to move people. Within the U.S., there are cities in which a large fraction of the population walks to work, cities in which almost everyone drives alone to work, and cities in which more than half of the working population takes public transportation to work. A reader recently called my attention to a… Continue»

By Kaid @ NRDC on Oct 20, 2010 with no responses

Massive Database Launched to Support Transit-Oriented Development

The Center for Transit-Oriented Development launched a web database that provides comprehensive information about more than 4,000 transit zones across the U.S.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Jul 25, 2010 with 3 responses

The Crumbling of the DC Metro

Access to the system is made difficult by broken escalators and elevators, slow and unpredictable service, and dirty and crowded cars.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Mar 20, 2010 with 1 response

Public Transit Will be Used if it Meets Our Needs

Here’s an insight from relating human behavioral science to transportation: people who use a particular form of transportation such as driving or taking transit sometimes misunderstand the motives of those that use a different mode.