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By Robert Rapier on Nov 30, 2011 with 5 responses

R-Squared Energy TV: Episode 3 – Joule Unlimited, Due Diligence, Politicians on Energy

This week’s episode of R-Squared Energy TV considers the following viewer questions: What do you think about the company Joule Unlimited? Who are the best politicians on energy policy? Who are the worst? In this episode I explain the single-most important question to ask when conducting due diligence on a renewable energy company. I will also discuss why Republicans and Democrats each only get half of the picture right when it comes to energy policy. Two notes on the video. I did make a misstatement at about the 4:25 mark when I said “the importance of getting off energy.” I meant to say “oil” and not energy. Also, when I was mentioning politicians who are knowledgeable about our energy predicament,… Continue»