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By Robert Rapier on Sep 5, 2009 with no responses

BP’s ‘Giant’ Discovery Gives the Gulf of Mexico New Life

I am trying to climb out from under an avalanche of correspondence, and I also hope to have the “Niches” article done by Monday morning. Until then, the latest from Money Morning on BP’s new oil discovery. As I previously explained topical Money Morning content will be featured here from time to time. As always, normal caveats apply: I am not an investment advisor. I don’t endorse any specific stocks mentioned in the following story nor the ad at the end of the story; these stories are meant to spur discussion. ———————————- BP’s ‘Giant’ Discovery Gives the Gulf of Mexico New Life By Jason Simpkins Managing Editor – Money Morning BP PLC (NYSE ADR: BP) yesterday (Wednesday) announced a “giant”… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Nov 9, 2007 with no responses

Brazil’s New Oil Discovery

You may have seen in the news that Brazil has made a new oil discovery. It is always hard to judge how much is hyperbole, but they are excited about it: Offshore oil discovery could make Brazil major petroleum exporter RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil: A huge offshore oil discovery could raise Brazil’s petroleum reserves by a whopping 40 percent and boost this country into the ranks of the world’s major exporters, officials said. The government-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, said the new “ultra-deep” Tupi field could hold as much as 8 billion barrels of recoverable light crude, sending Petrobras shares soaring and prompting predictions that Brazil could join the world’s “top 10″ oil producers. “Brazil’s reserves will… Continue»