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By Megan Nicholson on Oct 7, 2013 with 4 responses

Offshore Wind in Europe: Lessons for the U.S.

This guest post from Lew Milford, founder and President of the Clean Energy Group (CEG) and founder of the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), was originally featured on the Huffington Post

There are a lot of great things Europe has that the U.S. doesn’t — comfortable taxis, good table wine, Idris Elba — and then there’s offshore wind, lots and lots of offshore wind.

I spent last week in Europe hearing from key offshore wind leaders — from top officials in industry, government and finance — about how they built a large, successful offshore wind industry. I learned some key lessons, and heard some precautions, about how we should go about offshore wind development in the U.S.

I listened to them with a wary ear. There are many differences between the U.S. and Europe on energy policy and, on some issues, we in the U.S. will never go Europe’s way. Nevertheless, in the area of offshore wind, U.S. energy policymakers can learn a lot from the lessons Europe has to offer.