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By Robert Rapier on May 7, 2007 with no responses

Gas Boycotts and Gas Prices

Gas BoycottsYou have probably gotten the e-mails. “Don’t buy gas on Wednesday of next week and force the oil companies to lower prices.” Or, “Boycott Shell this week, ExxonMobil next week, etc.” Sometimes I explain to people why these schemes won’t work, but most of the time I just delete them. But MSNBC took time out today to address the issue: Why one-day gasoline ‘boycott’ won’t work But suppose that, through some magical force of nature, you managed to shut down every gasoline-powered vehicle and device for one day. Let’s look at how much money would be involved and what would happen to it: Based on current demand of about 386 million gallons a day, at $3 a gallon, the… Continue»