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By Russ Finley on Apr 9, 2012 with 9 responses

Solar’s New Competitor

Last week, Kate Galbraith wrote an article in the New York Times with the headline A Competitor Emerges for Solar Panels, which is  somewhat nonsensical.

It’s about the small co-heat and power (C.H.P) electric generator and hot water systems available for residential homes. This technology is not just emerging. I wrote an article about these five or six years ago when they were first marketed in Japan.

The article suggests that you can sell your excess power back to the grid (which I could not confirm), like is done with solar panels, and I suspect that is why she thinks they compete with solar, but solar panels “generate” zero emission renewable energy. These C.H.P units “consume” a non-renewable GHG emitting fossil fuel. Cogeneration competes with other energy consuming devices like 95% efficient condensing forced air gas furnaces and heat pumps. It’s an apples to orange comparison when it comes to solar.