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By Robert Rapier on May 26, 2011 with 69 responses

Air Force Says Biomass-Based Jet Fuel is 10 Times the Cost of JP-8

Just over a year ago, I wrote an article called Is Camelina the Next Jatropha? If you recall, a few years ago jatropha was all the rage. It could grow in marginal soil, didn’t need much water, and could provide fuel that didn’t compete with food. Farmers in developing countries were encouraged to forgo cash crops like cotton to grow jatropha, which wouldn’t be ready for harvest for at least three years after planting. Then reality began to set in. People learned that while jatropha is drought tolerant, it needs ample rainfall to flourish. There were many firsthand reports from farmers that growing and harvesting jatropha was very labor intensive, and the oil yields were much lower than advertised. India… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Oct 3, 2008 with no responses

Biodiesel, Green Diesel, and Jet Fuel

It is annoying to me that the definition of cellulosic ethanol has now been officially coopted in last year’s energy bill to include gasification processes. To me, that’s like redefining the definition of ‘birds’ to include ‘bats.’ This is all about marketing the ‘new’ cellulosic brand. But cellulosic ethanol has a 40-year history, and is distinct from biomass gasification (as I explained here). Lately I have seen the definition green diesel made from hydrocracking processes creeping into the definition of biodiesel. While green diesel is a ‘bio’-diesel, it isn’t biodiesel. I have explained the differences here. But I just saw the distinction blurred again today in a story: Using Plants Instead of Petroleum to Make Jet Fuel Chemical engineers in… Continue»