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By Nathanael Greene on Oct 27, 2010 with no responses

ORNL Report Tells Us Nothing About Corn Ethanol Land-Use Change

I was surprised when I recently heard that ORNL researchers were about to release a report  that concluded there had been little land-use change induced by US corn ethanol policies. A recent Climatewire article blared the headline “Corn-based ethanol doesn’t result in land-use change elsewhere — study” and quoted the authors: “The results of this study provide little support for estimates that assume large land use conversion or diversion of corn exports due to ethanol production in the U.S. over the past decade,” said the report’s co-authors, ORNL research economists Keith Kline and ‘Debo Oladosu. But then I looked at the slides that the authors had released and was shocked to see that the study doesn’t actually tell us anything… Continue»