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By CER News Desk on Sep 3, 2012 with no responses

Ford Attempts to Gain Traction in the Hybrid Car Market

C-Max Crossover: Ford’s hope to compete with Toyota’s Prius

Taking advantage of unpredictable gas prices and a rising consumer interest in all things green, auto-maker Ford is finally making its way into sales of dedicated hybrid vehicles with its freshly announced 2013 C-Max line.

The hybrid auto niche has long been dominated by Toyota and its popular Prius, with major players lke Hyundai, Kia and General Motors working their way into top spots as well, making Ford a relative latecomer at risk of being overshadowed by the competition; while Ford has released hybrid versions of its existing models in years past, the C-Max compact crossover stands as its first dedicated hybrid line.


By Andrew Holland on Apr 6, 2012 with 18 responses

Chevy Volt Sales Pick Up in March

Last week, in my post about the new Better Place electric vehicle company, I wrote that I was concerned that the electric vehicle “economic model cannot work in places like the U.S. where prices are lower, spaces are bigger, and there is not as much [government] support.”

I really do think that there’s not yet a good reason to buy an electric vehicle here in the U.S. yet. Though gas prices are approaching a nationwide average of $4.00 (it was $3.94 this week), I still don’t think that’s high enough to justify the extra cost. For instance, a Chevrolet Volt costs $40,000 (plus a $7,500 tax credit), while the Cruze, which is basically the same car with a 138 hp gasoline powered engine, costs only $17,000. Even at $4 per gallon, it’s hard to make those numbers match up. Across the Atlantic, though, where gas prices are higher and there are higher sales taxes on traditional cars, it can make more sense.


By Robert Rapier on Feb 4, 2011 with 23 responses

The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car

This likely blows previous fuel efficiency records out of the water: VW to roll out 313mpg car in Germany and UK Last week at the Qatar Motor Show saw the world debut of Volkswagen’s XL1, a diesel-electric hybrid two-seater that can do 313mpg (0.9 l/100 km) and an announcement that the vehicle will enter limited production for the UK and German markets in 2013. If it proves popular, VW says it plans to increase production and sell in other countries. More coverage from Auto Express: Volkswagen XL1 With rear wheel covers, an F1-style carbon fibre monocoque, and other ultra-lightweight materials such as magnesium wheels, it’s meant to show how economical cars can be, boasting 300mpg-capability. But what’s it like to… Continue»

By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 11, 2009 with no responses

House Approves Funding for R&D on Wind Power and Hybrid Heavy-Duty Trucks

Two bill passed in the House of Representatives would provide funding for wind technology and heavy-duty truck technology.

By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 8, 2009 with 1 response

New Lexus LF-Ch May Meet Resistance in America

The Lexus LF-Ch is trying to find a way into the American market. The hybrid aspect may help.

By Victor T. Barrera on May 21, 2009 with 13 responses

Raser Technologies Shows Off 100-MPG Hummer on Capitol Hill

A Hummer that gets 100 miles to the gallon is virtually unheard of, but Raser Technologies along with Sen. Hutch from Utah displayed a GM H3 that will hopefully push the development of plug-in hybrid technology towards the realm of consumer affordability.

By Victor T. Barrera on May 7, 2009 with no responses

GM Says to Expect Plug-in SUV Hybrid by 2011

Originally planned to be a Saturn Vue Green Line, GM will most likely produce the SUV hybrid through another name.

By Robert Rapier on Mar 6, 2008 with 1 response

70 MPG Volkswagen Golf Hybrid

Thanks to a reader for calling this story to my attention. I will be spending most of my time in the U.S. by summer, and I think I am going to have to get a car. Right now, I don’t own a car, and am happily biking to work. While biking is the national pastime in the Netherlands, I fear this is not a good option for Dallas. The New VW Golf Diesel Hybrid I had just about decided on a Toyota Prius – because it gives me the best possible compromise between something I can haul the family in, and something that gets great gas mileage (EPA-estimated 46 mpg). I really couldn’t find anything else that came close. (Suggestions… Continue»