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By Robert Rapier on Feb 19, 2008 with no responses

Due to Censorship at Huffington Post….

I had posted a response to Judy Dugan’s latest hysterics at Huffington Post, but it has been “pending moderation” for 4 days now. I suppose because I didn’t violate any of the rules that would cause it not to be posted, but I challenged Dugan’s competency, they figured they would just hold it until the story got stale. Huffington Post simply censored me the last time I tried to respond to one of Dugan’s screed (and so far they are doing it again). Below is exactly what I tried to post. It is milder than her initial story. So, here is my response, followed by one from “armchair” over at Dugan’s Oil Watchdog site on the same story. You have… Continue»