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By Robert Rapier on Sep 2, 2011 with 111 responses

Reality Settling in at the White House

Hug the Green Industry, Kill Big Oil When Barack Obama was campaigning for president, I thought he displayed a “comic book” view of the energy industry: Lots of stereotypes of the good guys and the bad guys. He would support the good guys (those who aspired to produce renewable power) and deal with the bad guys (those who were actually supplying the fuel that allowed him to campaign across the country). If he was elected president, there would be green jobs galore, and we would embark upon a major transition away from fossil fuels. He seemed to believe that our high level of dependence on fossil fuels was more due to policy reasons than economic reasons, and the country needed… Continue»

By Park Howell on Apr 20, 2009 with no responses

Ralph Nader: Green Agenda Must Be Articulated Better

The “New-thinking” leaders with a green agenda MUST do a better job articulating sustainability, so said Ralph Nader yesterday during the Valley Forward Livability Summit in Phoenix, Arizona.