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By Robert Rapier on Nov 20, 2008 with no responses

Mega-Bear versus Super-Spike

Update: Never say never. Today, the prediction I made in 2005 that WTI would never again fall below $50 has fallen. Front month WTI as of this writing has dipped to $49.75. But it will never fall below $40. ——————- In 2005, with oil trading in the $40′s and $50′s, Goldman Sachs raised some eyebrows when they predicted that we could soon be looking at a ‘super-spike’ and oil prices going as high as $105. As this scenario played out this year, the analyst who made that call – Arjun Murti – raised the ante and said that we could soon see oil at $200. The New York Times, in an article in which they dubbed him an ‘oracle of… Continue»