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By Robert Rapier on Sep 22, 2010 with 46 responses

Peak Oil Interview: Misconceptions, Replacing Oil, and False Solutions

Back in June, I gave a presentation on Peak Oil at the Global Footprint Conference in Siena, Italy. (More on the event here). Following my presentation, I was asked to do a pair of interviews. One was for an upcoming documentary called Critical Mass. The second was for the conference itself, and that interview has just been made available and is embedded below. Peak Oil Interview for the Global Footprint Conference Some of the ground covered in the interview includes: The misconception that Peak Oil means we are running out of oil The idea that oil will be very difficult to replace, and impossible to replace solely with biomass The danger posed by false solutions (which I denoted the ‘fake… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jun 4, 2010 with 7 responses

Footprint Forum 2010

During the week starting June 6th I will be in Siena, Italy to participate in Footprint Forum 2010, put together by the Global Footprint Network. In fact, when this post goes up I will be already on my way to Italy. The week after that I will be in Germany and Belgium. My ability to respond to e-mails and comments will be limited during those two weeks, but I have left essays in the queue that will be published during my travels. For those unfamiliar with Global Footprint Network, here is a partial description of their mission from their website: “In 2003, Global Footprint Network was established to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to live… Continue»