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By Robert Rapier on Apr 11, 2010 with no responses

Understanding the Ethanol Tariff Issue

You may have seen the announcement earlier in the week that Brazil has eliminated tariffs on imported ethanol: Brazil Announces Temporary Elimination of Ethanol Tariff WASHINGTON – On Monday, the Brazilian Chamber of Foreign Trade said it would remove the country’s 20 percent ethanol tariff until Dec. 31, 2011, Congress Daily reports. With the temporary elimination of the tariff, Brazil was hoping to pressure the United States into lowering or removing its own tariff and taxes on imported ethanol. Currently, imported ethanol is subjected to a 2.5 percent ad valorem tax and an additional 54 cents a gallon surcharge, which terminates Dec. 31, 2010. The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association is urging both countries to eliminate the ethanol tariffs. “Consumers win… Continue»

By Nathanael Greene on Apr 9, 2010 with 12 responses

Corn ethanol tax credit: most expensive way to create jobs ever?

Nathanael Greene goes to bat against the Renewable Fuels Association’s state-by-state version of its VEETC jobs study.