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By Robert Rapier on Dec 23, 2010 with 140 responses

Who’s Been Naughty? Ethanol Interests

The previous essay spoke of the selfishness of many of today’s political leaders in spending tax dollars for votes, while compromising the economic opportunities for the next generation. In this essay, I want to focus on the selfishness of a particular group: Ethanol special interests, who have succeeded in gouging taxpayers for another $6 billion in wasteful spending in 2011. Let me make it clear — again — that I am not against ethanol as fuel. In fact, I have spoken out many times in favor of ethanol in specific circumstances. I reiterated this position recently on a Podcast interview on This Week in Energy. For example, I think many areas of the Midwest could produce ethanol sustainably, use it… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jun 17, 2010 with 93 responses

Setting the Ethanol Record Straight

Based on my Site Meter, it appears that a lot of new readers are stopping by because of my recent inclusion in the Top 10 list of ethanol enemies. Because the article presents a highly inaccurate view of my position, I issued a quick and concise rebuttal to the baseless claims. But perhaps this is a good time to review my paradigm, as that defines why I write the things I do. We all view the world through a set of lenses, and there are three basic tenets that largely define my positions. Tenet One: We must transition from fossil fuels with a sense of urgency. I believe we have built structural dependency on a depleting and unsustainable resource. That… Continue»