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By CER News Desk on Dec 14, 2012 with 4 responses

7 States Sue EPA Over Methane from Oil and Gas Drilling

Seven states in the northeastern part of the United States have officially announced plans to sue the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its alleged violations of the Clean Air Act in failing to address and limit methane emissions resulting from drilling for natural resources like oil and gas.

In a press release issued earlier this week, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman outlined the complaint, which focuses on methane emissions from resource-heavy states like Pennsylvania and Virginia. Joined by Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont, the state of New York is leading the cause, demanding that the EPA take immediate action to reduce methane emissions that threaten to increase the already troubling effects of anthropogenic climate change. (Read More: U.S. Oil Production Surges to Highest Level in 15 Years)


By Samuel R. Avro on May 7, 2009 with no responses

Solid Public Support for Energy and Environmental Provisions of Stimulus Bill

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), also known as the Stimulus Package, has elicited a mixed reaction from the general public, ranging from strong support to vehement opposition.

By Victor J. Sequeira on May 4, 2009 with 3 responses

Trash to Cash; Profile in Green Entrepreneurship

Landfill Gas To Energy (LFGTE) has proven to be a treasure and represents one of the many Green alternatives to oil that is ‘shovel-ready’.

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 23, 2009 with no responses

Obama’s ‘Message of Hope’ Vows ‘Meaningful Response’ to Climate Change

EPA administrator delivers “message of hope” committing the U.S. to the fight against climate change in a major departure from the former President’s policies.

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 20, 2009 with no responses

Earth Day; Gov’t Website Hasn’t Updated Since Jan 16

The website has not been updated since January 16. Earth Day is set to take place this Wednesday, April 22.

By Gerri L. Elder on Apr 7, 2009 with no responses

Would You Feed Your Baby Rocket Fuel?

The chemical, perchlorate, at the levels found in the formula, have been deemed safe by the EPA.