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By Jennifer Warren on Aug 16, 2013 with no responses

Energy Market’s Early Reaction to Egypt’s Unrest

Geopolitical Risk Rises Again

Egypt-unrestThe unrest in Egypt reverberated across oil markets to a degree, and a cloud of an unknown magnitude hangs over the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region once again. Some analysts expect oil prices, which have already risen to account for the high-octane volatility of Egypt’s political situation, to rise further. The Egyptian military’s crackdown on pro-Morsi supporters in mid-August has led to a significant death toll, with government condemnations ringing across the globe.

Brent crude oil prices have already risen by $10 per barrel since the military took over Egypt’s government in early July. However, conflict in Syria and unrest in Libya have also played a role in rising oil prices. WTI crude was trading at $107.33 per barrel, up 0.45 percent, and Brent up 0.34 percent, at $110.58 per barrel, on the morning of August 15th (GMT), after pro-Morsi supporters were just overrun. By the end of the day, Brent crude futures for September delivery traded at $111.11, the highest since March. A spokesperson for the Suez Canal, which transports oil from the Middle East to global markets, says oil transportation infrastructure security has been re-fortified. The Suez Canal and SUMED (Suez-Mediterranean) Pipeline are strategic routes for Persian Gulf oil and gas shipments to Europe and North America.


By Jennifer Warren on May 28, 2013 with no responses

Financial Aspects and Economics of Energy Resources — Introducing Markets and Routes

Introducing Markets and Routes

Greetings — I’m Jennifer Warren, the latest columnist for Energy Trends Insider.

My space involves financial aspects and economics of energy resources and markets.  The areas of natural resources, the environment and sustainability are also of importance to me. Dissecting global trends that criss-cross these subject areas are fair game, when appropriate. Much of my prior work has a research-based orientation or underpinning, with the goal of delivering actionable insights or context for decision making.

An overall theme in my work is understanding how complex systems interact —  with energy being a vast subject to analyze. And incidentally, energy producers and innovators surround me in Dallas. The many wind, natural gas and oil producers here have influenced my thinking, with my most trusted sources graciously spending countless hours of interview time with me.

Energy Background

But first, a little about how I got involved in energy.

In 2002, my work with an academic institution led to the creation of a faculty research website, where the finance department produced outsized amounts of research. My work in energy began then. I realized energy was the most global industry sector that existed, with players spanning from the most sophisticated to the true-grit entrepreneurs to the brilliant financial economists I had the privilege of interviewing. Here was a field that one could spend their lifetime exploring. Being exposed to cutting edge research has definitely given me the impetus and curiosity to apply this line of thinking to the world of energy.


By Andy Stevenson on May 19, 2009 with no responses

Climate Bill Would Close Many Loopholes Used by Energy Speculators

Under the newly formalized ACES bill, Congress would establish uniform position limits, reporting requirements, and oversight in the oil, natural gas, coal, and electricity markets.