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By Robert Rapier on Apr 4, 2009 with no responses

The Art of Spinning

As the previous post indicated, we in the U.S. have a pretty low energy IQ. One of the reasons is that energy stories are often reported in a very biased or uninformed manner, which tends to distort public viewpoints. For instance, you may think those evil oil companies are wrecking the world. You are entitled to your opinion, and admittedly the oil industry has done plenty to help forge those sorts of views. However, in the U.S. we take an especially negative view of the oil industry relative to the rest of the world. Why? Odds are that your opinion has been shaped by stories like the examples in this essay. Make no mistake: Your views are carefully nurtured and… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on with no responses

We Want Energy Independence!

That is, as long as it doesn’t increase gasoline costs by $0.40/gallon. That is one of a number of findings from Public Agenda in a new report called The Energy Learning Curve™ (PDF): What should we do about the energy issues we face? Public Agenda, in its Energy Learning Curve study released today as part of Planet Forward, found that despite a lot of partisan debate, Americans find common ground on many proposals, including using more alternative fuels. There’s also a lot of agreement on what not to do, especially making it more expensive to drive. Our research suggests this consensus may be shaky as policymakers take up the issue – as many people had both unrealistic ideas and misconceptions… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jul 15, 2008 with no responses

America’s Energy IQ 2008

Update: I was on the call, asked the first question (about the disconnect in the EIA projections for ethanol usage of less than 10% in 2030 versus the mandate of 36 billion gallons by 2022) and then I had a phone problem. I e-mailed in the rest of my questions, which did get answered. They were on the drilling question: 1. How big is a lease? Is it a standard size?2. Are there OCS areas that aren’t off-limits that are still eligible for sale?3. Are there other highly promising areas around the world that are off limits?4. What exactly has to take place to open up the areas that are off-limits? Answers were 1). No standard size; 2). Yes; 3)…. Continue»