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By Allison Asplin on Apr 17, 2013 with 1 response

Welcome to High Efficiency

Welcome to High Efficiency, a new column from Energy Trends Insider. I’m your columnist, host, and resident energy-efficiency-obsessed individual, Allison Asplin. (You might remember me from my article in Eli Hinckley’s Banking Energy column, “Why Energy Efficiency and Buildings Don’t Mix.”)

First a little about who I am and what I do.

I spent eight years eating, sleeping, and breathing commercial real estate, first in brokerage at a leading global real estate services firm, then as a development manager and regional sustainability director for one of the country’s largest REITs.

Grappling with the energy performance challenges of an 80-building portfolio whetted my appetite for efficiency work, and I bolted for grad school to study energy policy. As a newly-minted Master’s degree holder, I accepted a fellowship with Bloomberg New Energy Finance to study the barriers to energy efficiency in real estate in depth. Through that research, I concluded that utilities are a crucial part of the charge toward energy efficiency, leading me to my current work evaluating energy efficiency and efficiency financing for utilities, governments, and private companies at environmental consulting firm The Cadmus Group.

By CER News Desk on Sep 5, 2012 with no responses

DOE Failing to Conserve Energy in Own Buildings

Internal audit points to $6.6 million in lost savings at DOE facilities

Despite its moniker, a new report shows that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is not as efficient with its electricity as it could be, with millions of dollars in potential savings lost last year due to the department’s failure to implement simple measures intended to reduce electricity use.

The report, issued following a DOE Inspector General audit of five sites managed by the DOE, found that the department “had not always pursued readily available, low-cost energy saving opportunities,” leading to a lost opportunity for savings of $6.6 million. Citing a lack of thorough inspections of heating and lighting systems along with meters that do not monitor electricity use in real-time, the report urges the DOE to take a “more aggressive energy conservation” approach with a particular focus on “low- and no-cost, quick payback measures.”


By Robert Rapier on Jun 4, 2010 with 7 responses

Footprint Forum 2010

During the week starting June 6th I will be in Siena, Italy to participate in Footprint Forum 2010, put together by the Global Footprint Network. In fact, when this post goes up I will be already on my way to Italy. The week after that I will be in Germany and Belgium. My ability to respond to e-mails and comments will be limited during those two weeks, but I have left essays in the queue that will be published during my travels. For those unfamiliar with Global Footprint Network, here is a partial description of their mission from their website: “In 2003, Global Footprint Network was established to enable a sustainable future where all people have the opportunity to live… Continue»

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 13, 2010 with 21 responses

Study: Efficiency Can Offset Two Decades of Energy Demand Growth in South

With only 36 percent of the country’s population, the South consumes a considerably larger share of energy per capita compared to the rest of the U.S.

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 8, 2009 with no responses

British Spy Plane Snooping on Energy-Hog Citizens

The British are quite used to having their movements tracked by Big Brother. But spying –literally– on their energy habits is taking things to new heights.