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By CER News Desk on Dec 19, 2012 with 2 responses

Enbridge Increases Northern Gateway Investment

Despite continued opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline, energy firm Enbridge has committed an additional $150 million to that project in a show of commitment to its goal to carry oil from Alberta’s oil sands into northwestern British Columbia, allowing it to be easily shipped to Asia.

Enbridge began work on the project with a $300 million investment, but ensuing controversy due to the perceived environmental risks associated with the long distance pipeline have slowed progress, leaving many wondering if Enbridge would abandon the project altogether. (Read More: Enbridge Set to Invest $6.28 Billion in Oil Pipeline)


By CER News Desk on Dec 11, 2012 with no responses

Enbridge Set to Invest $6.28 Billion in Oil Pipeline

The announcement comes as Enbridge works to improve its penetration in delivering crude to North American markets, beginning with the launch of the so-called Eastern Access Program, and a similar program intended to help ship oil produced in the Gulf of Mexico.