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By Robert Rapier on Aug 11, 2011 with 94 responses

Will a SmartGrid and GM’s Volt Stimulate the Electric Vehicle Industry

The following guest post is from Victor Sequeira. Mr. Sequeira is Principal of VerisNRG LLC, a Houston based energy consultancy. He can be reached at victorseq [at] comcast [dot] net —————————— Can GM’s Volt Provide a Jolt to the Electric Car Industry? I remember my first trip to Bentonville, Arkansas to visit the WalMart corporate headquarters. As I looked at the offices of all the vendors who sell to WalMart, I remember thinking “being the world’s biggest retailer has its advantages.” So it is with the development of the electric car (EV). We root for companies like Tesla but, to move the market in a substantive way, you need to be big. Most Americans have watched General Motors in recent… Continue»

By Samuel R. Avro on Sep 17, 2010 with 122 responses

$10M Purse Split Between Three 100 MPG Auto Teams

The Edison2 “Very Light Car” took home the grand prize of $5M while two other teams were awarded $2.5M each.

By Robert Rapier on Jul 2, 2010 with 55 responses

The Tesla Motors Electric Vehicle Strategy for South Korea

I am working on two essays, but it is going to be a couple more days before I have either one of them finished. One is about the recent USDA report on the energy return of corn ethanol. This essay will include a look back at how the USDA’s methodology of allocating energy inputs has changed over the years, and how that impacted upon the calculated energy return for ethanol. In the second essay, I will discuss in some detail my graduate school work (which I have never done on this blog), and report on where the process stands today. The process in question is the MixAlco Process and was developed in the lab of my former research advisor, Professor… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Mar 30, 2010 with 96 responses

The Electric Car Report

I am back home in Hawaii, and over the next few days hope my schedule settles down to normal. I am aware of some lingering technical issues that need to be resolved on the blog (e.g., some of the comments have not been successfully imported from the old blog – but they will be). I imagine that a fair number of new readers linking in here over the next week or so will be doing so in response to a report on electric cars that was released while I was in New Zealand. I am listed as an advisor on that report. So I want to discuss my role, and ultimately how this exercise has influenced my views on electric… Continue»

By Staff on Jan 26, 2010 with no responses

GM Invests $246 Million to Build Electric Motors in U.S.

The plant will be the first electric motor manufacturing facility in the U.S. operated by a major automaker.

By Samuel R. Avro on May 13, 2009 with no responses

Nissan to Begin Manufacturing Electric Vehicles in 2010

The company plans to mass-produce the EV’s by 2012, but will begin the intial phase with the production of 50,000 vehicles next year.

By Gerri L. Elder on Mar 24, 2009 with no responses

Exploring Fuel Alternatives for the Largest Civilian Fleet – the USPS

With more than 200,000 vehicles, the USPS can make a significant impact if they were to revamp their fleet.