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By Russ Finley on Aug 14, 2014 with 16 responses

Update on the Tesla Model S

Has anyone else noticed how much a Tesla Model S looks like a Jaguar XF (pictured below)? One of my neighbors drives a Tesla Model S. I was following him down the street a few weeks ago and heard his tires squeak three times in two blocks. Adequate acceleration to maneuver in traffic can enhance overall safety but too much acceleration potential can be dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. Not sure I’d want that temptation.


Tesla Model S Photo courtesy of Gareth James via Flickr


Jaguar XF Photo courtesy of Jimmy Smith via Flickr

Fast Chargers

Tesla is dead on with their promotion of fast charging stations. The ubiquitous 240 volt chargers are next to worthless simply because they take too long. A high voltage fast charger can provide a significant charge in a matter of minutes. I recently deliberately drove my Leaf beyond its range because we needed two cars to get supplies to a wedding. My plan was to stop at a charge station on the way home for a few hours to get enough charge to finish the trip. The rest of the family came home in our Prius.


By CER News Desk on Sep 11, 2012 with 8 responses

GM Losing Nearly $50,000 on Each Chevy Volt

The thinking behind producing a car that is destined to be sold at such a loss is GM’s attempt to infiltrate what it obviously sees as a lucrative future market as the world transitions to the use of alternative fuel sources, according to analysts, but many doubt the automaker’s ability to ever make money with the Volt.

By Russ Finley on May 4, 2012 with 9 responses

Electric Car News

Electric Ford Focus
Some test drive reports for the electric Ford Focus are out–fake radiator grill, optional leather seats, looks like a regular car, blah, blah, blah. Other than superficial appearances, it’s almost indistinguishable from a Leaf in performance, and costs a few grand more. One was used as the pace car at the NASCAR Sprint Car Series race last week in Richmond so at least they are marketing the thing and the Leaf really could use some competition. Then again, I also thought the Prius would have met some stiff competition from American hybrids by now. The latest episode of the sitcom 30 Rock was about an American engineered couch that was so uncomfortable the government bought them to torture terrorists …I think I have one of those couches.


By Russ Finley on Mar 28, 2012 with 4 responses

Electric Car Technology Upgrades, Subsidies, and the Anti-Nuke Crowd

Updated Charging Technology

An email recently came in from Blink telling me they want to install a new card in my electric car charger. New technology always involves a learning curve. If any discipline should be a science (other than science), it is engineering but even engineering involves a lot of trial and error. The first jet engines were unbelievably primitive by today’s standards.

The new Leaf will have a more efficient heating system that will extend the range in cold weather. Not sure what they are up to but hopefully it is one of these heat pumps. It will also come with a charger that is about twice as fast as the one on my car. Oh well. Obsolete already.

By Russ Finley on Feb 26, 2012 with 13 responses

How to Turn a Tesla Battery Pack Into a $40,000 Brick

Li-ion, Not Your Father’s Battery

This Tesla-to-brick story first appeared in the Understatement blog, authored by Michael Degusta. Some rich guy, too busy to read his owner’s manual, parked his six-figure sports car in a garage for six weeks while his home was being remodeled.

From the Tesla owner’s manual:

“Keep in mind that when the vehicle is left unplugged with a full Battery, the initial rate of decline can be significant. When fully charged, the Battery’s charge level can drop as much as 7% a day and 50% within the first week. When the Battery’s charge level falls below 50%, the rate of decline slows down to approximately 5% per week. Over-discharge can permanently damage the Battery.”

That equates to a ruined battery in roughly 11 weeks. In other words, for this Tesla to be damaged in six weeks, it was likely parked with a mostly discharged battery. Ouch.


By Robert Rapier on Mar 30, 2010 with 96 responses

The Electric Car Report

I am back home in Hawaii, and over the next few days hope my schedule settles down to normal. I am aware of some lingering technical issues that need to be resolved on the blog (e.g., some of the comments have not been successfully imported from the old blog – but they will be). I imagine that a fair number of new readers linking in here over the next week or so will be doing so in response to a report on electric cars that was released while I was in New Zealand. I am listed as an advisor on that report. So I want to discuss my role, and ultimately how this exercise has influenced my views on electric… Continue»

By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 3, 2009 with no responses

China Looks to Enter U.S. Electric Car Market

China looks to enter the U.S. Electric Car Market with BYD’s e6 sedan to be geared towards the masses.