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By Robert Rapier on Feb 27, 2011 with 125 responses

The Failure of U.S. Politicians to Open Electricity and Other Energy Markets

The following guest post was written by Mike Holly, who is the Chairman of Sorgo Fuels in Crosslake, Minnesota. Sorgo is a company involved in the production of energy from sweet sorghum, and Mike can be contacted at smikeholly “at” In his article, Mike touches upon a theme that I have complained about in the past: That U.S. energy policy favors specific technologies to such an extent that it effectively bars some promising technologies from competing. My standard disclaimer applies: Publication of a guest post does not imply endorsement. Rather it indicates that I think the subject matter is worthy of debate and discussion. ————————— THE FAILURE OF U.S. POLITICIANS TO OPEN ELECTRICITY AND OTHER ENERGY MARKETS By Mike… Continue»