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By Robert Rapier on Jan 23, 2008 with 1 response

Now That’s an About Face!

It’s been almost two years now that 60 Minutes did a special on ethanol, in which Dan Rather was just bubbly with enthusiasm. He had as a guest Berkeley Professor Dan Kammen, who heads up Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL). (I frequently see visitors from RAEL showing up on my site meter). Anyway, Professor Kammen talked up the virtues of ethanol with Dan Rather, and also spoke very positively on ethanol in this article: Ethanol can replace gasoline with significant energy savings, comparable impact on greenhouse gases Boy, that takes me back. You have to love the appeal to authority: Knowledgeable venture capitalists already are putting money behind ethanol and cellulosic technology, as witnessed by recent investments by… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on May 7, 2006 with no responses

60 Minutes – The Ethanol Solution

I just finished watching the 60 Minutes piece on ethanol production. Wow. What a puff piece. I thought at least I might see some attempt at balance. But there was no mention of the disadvantages at all. It makes you wonder why ethanol is the least bit controversial. Let’s break the piece down a bit. Dan Rather on Brazil Rather pointed out that Brazil has virtually stopped importing foreign oil by switching to ethanol. He said ethanol is cheaper and cleaner. He had Berkeley professor Daniel Kammen on, who said that Brazil made a commitment to ethanol, and then followed through. So, if Brazil can do it, why not us? Right? Or was Brazil able to do it for reasons… Continue»