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By Robert Rapier on Mar 24, 2007 with no responses

Peak Oil and the Lunatic Fringe

I have been posting at The Oil Drum as a contributor for about a year now. Yesterday, I announced that I would be taking a break for a while. (I will continue to post at least one new essay a week here). As I am getting quite a few e-mails about this, I wanted to document what has precipitated this for those who may not know the history. The Oil Drum receives a great many visitors each day (currently over 12,000 a day). While the vast majority are interested in intelligent discourse on energy issues, there is a very vocal lunatic fringe who accept Peak Oil RIGHT NOW with a religious fervor. They lash out at any viewpoints that challenge… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Oct 30, 2006 with no responses

What is it about Silicon Valley executives?

Over the weekend, I had an essay posted at VentureBeat on California’s Proposition 87: Prop 87: Deceptively marketed Most of you know that Vinod Khosla and I have butted heads on a few issues, but now Silicon Valley executive Bill Jolitz threw in his $0.02: How naive. Do the research. California is the only oil producing state that DOESN’T tax oil companies for pumping the stuff out of the ground or beneath the water! Why can’t we do a tax like Louisiana or Texas or Alaska, and put it to good use. How ironic that California is more conservative on taxes than Louisiana, Texas, and Alaska. Oil isn’t forever – why don’t we start thinking about our kids for once?… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Oct 9, 2006 with no responses

Fan Mail – Part II

Now, for the second installment – Jim Paris’ over the top rant in which he ignores everything I have been telling him – followed by a response to the points he raised. I did send him a direct e-mail response prior to writing this one, but I basically just blasted him for the willful ignorance he displayed in his response. I offered to address his points provided he gave me permission to post the exchange, but told him I was finished doing this solely for his benefit. Ultimately, after he said “no” to posting the exchange, I decided to post it anyway. An Analogy However, I still hope that Jim can learn something. If he doesn’t learn anything else, I… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Oct 7, 2006 with no responses

Fan Mail – Part I

Warning: If you send me an e-mail, in which you proceed to waste my time and make a fool of yourself, consider it fair game for publication. When I get these e-mails, I have always asked permission for publication, but I will no longer extend that courtesy for flagrantly rude, over-the-top e-mails, like the exchange I am about to highlight. If I am going to waste time on this sort of stuff, others should be able to learn from the exchange. I don’t have time to answer too many e-mails in detail AND post essays to my blog and The Oil Drum. I get all sorts of e-mails, but inevitably get some that disagree with my position on some point… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Sep 2, 2006 with no responses

Postscript with Wang and Khosla

I think the thread on efficiency of ethanol versus gasoline left a lot of things hanging, and there have been some communications with Dr. Wang and Mr. Khosla since then. So, I wanted to more or less close the book on this and share those communications. I don’t want to spend another 300+ posts arguing about efficiency, but I do want to let the readers know how this all turned out. Dr. Wang was clearly miffed about my usage of “sleight of hand.” While I do not consider usage of this phrase insulting, I felt like the right thing to do was to apologize since Dr. Wang took offense. So, I e-mailed back to Dr. Wang, Tom (who never again… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Aug 25, 2006 with no responses

Battling with the Critics

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I am trying to spend more time writing on topics other than ethanol. But I get a lot of e-mails on that subject, and often have 3 or 4 mini-debates going on at a time via e-mail. I just finished a debate involving a government official and some big names over the energy balance of gasoline versus ethanol. There still seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding this issue, so I asked for permission to publish the exchanges. I was reluctantly given permission, provided I deleted the personal information from the government official (name and government agency). The exchange involved myself, a government official that I will… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jul 19, 2006 with no responses

Response to E-mail

I tend to get a wide variety of e-mails, a fair number of which detail issues that I seem to have overlooked. I received the e-mail below about a week ago after a brief exchange with the author, and I asked his permission to address it in a blog entry. He granted permission today, but wishes to remain anonymous. The reason for addressing this in a blog entry is that there are a number of issues here that come up fairly frequently in e-mails, so I wanted to address them publicly. First, his e-mail, modified to remove his identity: Robert, As history has shown, the more instability in the Middle East, the more unstable oil prices become. We have spent… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on May 24, 2006 with no responses

Rapier Second Response to Miglietta

In Joseph’s second response, he didn’t bring up new material related to ethanol that wasn’t addressed in my first response. He did bring up some other issues that are worth addressing, but this response will be briefer than my initial reply. Joseph’s responses are in block quotes below. JM: Mass transportation has been around with us even before the advent of personal vehicles. I find mass transportation acceptable as a free choice but not as an imposing substitution to our personal vehicle. If the time came that we no longer have this choice, then I consider we reached a point of regression; we have failed in our ability to make technological advancement. But I consider our resourcefulness inextinguishable. The problem… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on May 21, 2006 with no responses

Miglietta’s Second Response

Introduction Joseph sent the response below via e-mail. I have done a bit of formatting, but otherwise it is exactly as received. I will respond by the end of the week. As always, feel free to add your comments following his essay. Joseph’s first reference is a paper written by him that I have hosted for now at Sharelor. I learned today that it is very difficult to find a free file hosting service. The first one I tried made you wade through a ton of ads. The second had porn popups, which wasn’t apparent until you were trying to download the file. Finally, I found Sharelor, which is actually pretty good. The file is a 1.2 meg PDF. It… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on May 18, 2006 with no responses

Rapier Response to Miglietta

Introduction First of all, I would like to thank Joseph Miglietta for taking up my Ethanol Debate Challenge. I firmly believe that the best way to get to evaluate some of these claims is by having an open debate, with both sides presenting their arguments, and defending them from criticisms. If you are already an ethanol believer, you aren’t going to be convinced by FAQs from the American Petroleum Institute. Likewise, if you are already an ethanol skeptic, you aren’t going to be convinced by FAQs from the American Coalition for Ethanol. But, head to head exchanges offer a chance to critique the other side and determine whether the arguments hold up. I agree with some of what Joseph writes,… Continue»