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By Robert Rapier on Sep 20, 2010 with 55 responses

Recycling Our Way to Sustainable Waste Management

While my focus is primarily on energy, I am also interested in other sustainability issues. Some of those include food production, water issues (e.g. water desalination to increase availability of fresh water), and waste management. I have discussed waste management here before in My Composting Experiment. (My experiment has gone quite well; three years after that story I am still actively composting everything I can). Landfill Space Constraints Regarding waste management, stories often appear in the media about places running out of landfill space. It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, but twenty years ago there were numerous stories in the media about New York barging their garbage, but having trouble finding someone to take it: The Garbage Barge… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Dec 26, 2007 with no responses

Grading My 2007 Energy Resolutions

At the beginning of 2007, as I was preparing to move to Scotland, I made a number of resolutions: My Energy Resolutions for 2007 I updated the story once in Walking the Talk. Time to look back and see how I did. 1). I resolve to get the most fuel-efficient car I can find in Scotland. While I could have found a more efficient car, I got a Nissan Micra which gets very good fuel efficiency. The cars that were more fuel efficient would not have fared well on my drive to work. 2). I resolve to search for a house that allows me to take public transport or my bike to work. I consistently considered the public transport options… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Sep 2, 2007 with 2 responses

My Composting Experiment

“We stand, in most places on earth, only six inches from desolation, for that is the thickness of the topsoil layer upon which the entire life of the planet depends.” R. Neil Sampson in Farmland or Wasteland: A Time to Choose One of my interests, dating back 25 years to when I was a member of my local FFA land judging team, is soil conservation. I have long been interested in things like terra preta and composting because of their ability to build topsoil. But I never thought much about how difficult it can be to build up topsoil until I read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy – Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars(great books, by the way). The… Continue»