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By CER News Desk on Nov 12, 2012 with no responses

California Carbon Market at Risk Amid Opposition

A combination of legal threats, growing political opposition and changes to the rules that govern it is seeing California carbon trading at records lows, bringing the very concept of the market into question.

The emissions program, started by state lawmakers following the federal government’s failure to implement a carbon-purchase system of its own in 2010, has suddenly become the second largest in the world, behind only that of the European Union, promising to cover no less than 85 percent of emissions in California that result from the many companies behind its $1.74 trillion per year economy. (Read More: Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions — Facts and Figures)


By Robert Rapier on Aug 30, 2012 with 19 responses

Carbon Trading & Thorium Reactors

In this week’s episode of R-Squared Energy TV, I answer two viewer questions. The first is on California’s upcoming carbon trading markets, which includes a discussion on resource shuffling. The second question is on the potential of thorium nuclear reactors.