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By Shay Bapple on Mar 17, 2010 with 3 responses

US Government Roadblocks Private Production of Biogas

While other countries are rapidly producing biogas, economics plus concerns about byproduct emissions cause the US to lag behind.

By Robert Rapier on Jul 17, 2009 with no responses

An Extended Conversation with POET

Today (July 17th) I spent some time on the phone with POET‘s VP of Science and Technology Dr. Mark Stowers. (I was invited up for a visit, but I couldn’t swing that just now). Dr. Stowers is in charge of company R&D, which includes corn and cellulose to ethanol, as well as the investigation of novel processes for utilizing waste to power their facilities. Joining us on the call was Matt Merritt, POET’s Media Relations Specialist. We covered a lot of ground on the call. Along with the environmental impact, key interests of mine in assessing fuels of any kind are the energy inputs – what kind, how much – and the related topic of logistics. I probed the energy… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Apr 27, 2009 with no responses

New Renewable Energy Map

About to hop a plane for Europe, but wanted to share with you a new map from the NRDC that I think is extremely cool: Renewable Energy Map for the U.S. I like this map for two reasons. First, it shows the renewable energy possibilities across the country (solar, wind, cellulosic biomass, and biogas). But second, you can filter by planned and existing facilities for wind, advanced biofuels, and biogas. (However, I think some of the ones that they have called “existing” are not yet producing anything). There are a lot of small facilities that I have never heard of, and need to investigate when I have some time. Offline now for a day or so as I make the… Continue»