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By Robert Rapier on Feb 25, 2012 with 53 responses

Why Bill O’Reilly’s Gasoline Price Solution Doesn’t Work

Today’s column was supposed to be about what has happened with ethanol exports following the expiration of the ethanol tax credit. That is an interesting story (and exactly what I felt would happen once the credit expired), but it will have to wait until next week, because there is a story of much greater public interest. In fact, this current column was originally about President Obama and gasoline prices, but there is a peripheral issue of importance that I thought I would address first. I will get to the gas price discussion in a day or two.

I did two interviews on the subject of Obama and gas prices last week. One was with Brian Beutler at Talking Points Memo (TPM):

The Truth About Political Attacks Over High Gas Prices

The second was with Alan Colmes from Fox News Radio. (A podcast of this is available at the link).

I will summarize the highlights from these interviews in the next column, elaborate on some points (like why I favor both expansion of renewable energy and the Keystone XL pipeline), and explain why President Obama is not to blame for current gasoline prices.

By Robert Rapier on Jun 21, 2008 with no responses

Bill O’Reilly is an Idiot

It is simply amazing to watch someone authoritatively pontificate on something that they clearly know nothing about. One of the major reasons we have such an energy problem in the U.S. today is that people are so misinformed. So what does Bill O’Reilly use his airtime to do? Misinform millions of viewers, and demonstrate that he has no grasp of energy issues: Unbelievable. Of course O’Reilly has also had trouble getting his facts straight in the past. But remember this is the same guy who twice said that the U.S. was behind the Malmédy massacre in WWII. Footnote: As I indicated in the comments below, the idiocy isn’t the suggestion that speculation plays a role. The idiocy is that O’Reilly… Continue»