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By Robert Rapier on Oct 3, 2011 with 57 responses

Germany – It’s Not Easy Being Green

The following is a guest post from The subject matter is of great interest, as Germany is in the early stages of an experiment that is likely to prove challenging. Nuclear power advocates in Germany — including members of Merkel’s cabinet — have insisted that they can’t meet their greenhouse gas targets without nuclear power. Many have predicted that they will be forced to use more coal, and as this article points out they may end up importing nuclear power. Whether and how Germany adjusts to the sudden loss of nuclear power will demonstrate to the rest of the world that in fact it isn’t easy being green. ——————————- Germany – It’s Not Easy Being Green Forty-one years ago… Continue»

By Samuel R. Avro on Apr 22, 2009 with no responses

Germany To Build World’s First Hybrid Power Plant

Will be the world’s first power station to produce clean energy, heat, and hydrogen capable of being stored for use at a later time.