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By Robert Rapier on Sep 13, 2009 with no responses

An Urban Legend Falls

Figure 1. Classical Outlier or Amazing New Discovery? On November 16, 2007 a study was released that stirred up a lot of excitement in ethanol circles. The study was titled Optimal Ethanol Blend-Level Investigation. The study was commissioned by the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE), and the work was carried out by the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC, a branch of the University of North Dakota) and the Minnesota Center for Automotive Research (MnCAR, a branch of Minnesota State University). The study made some remarkable claims. Based on some data points – such as the point corresponding to E30 in Figure 1 above (which is Figure 10 in their report), they claimed that higher ethanol… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Feb 7, 2009 with no responses

Big Oil Buys Big Ethanol

Some people think that the oil industry is hostile toward the ethanol industry because they consider them a real threat. But I always point out that the oil industry dwarfs the ethanol industry by such a large amount that it could easily buy up all the available assets of the ethanol industry – if they thought there was a good business opportunity. My speculation has turned into reality as an announcement was just released that major oil refiner Valero is buying up the assets of bankrupt ethanol producer VeraSun: VeraSun Energy to sell assets to Valero Energy Ethanol producer VeraSun Energy Corp. said Friday it is selling assets to Valero Energy Corp. for $280 million amid difficult industry conditions and… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jul 28, 2006 with no responses

Caught in a Lie

I have seen a lot of claims lately from the pro-ethanol contingent that the ethanol subsidy is actually a “Big Oil” subsidy. That claim is repeated in the following newly published article: Ethanol subsidies won´t lower gas prices, consumer group reports. July 28 — Increased federal and state subsidies for ethanol production will not benefit consumers in the form of lower gas prices, according to a study by a nonpartisan consumer tax group. Taxpayers subsidize the ethanol industry to the tune of $2 billion per year through an ethanol tax credit of 51 cents per gallon and government corn-crop payments, the National Taxpayers Union report said. The report criticized the industry for not being able to compete in the marketplace… Continue»