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By Robert Rapier on Feb 14, 2011 with 25 responses

Butanol Q&A With Cobalt Technologies CEO Rick Wilson

In the previous story — Butanol 101 — I provided readers some background on the production of butanol, including my own background on working with butanol. This story is about one company’s efforts to commercialize bio-butanol. The interview originated from a press release I was sent a couple of months ago detailing an agreement between Cobalt Technologies (formerly Cobalt Biofuels; and I will get into this name change below) and the U.S. Navy on developing next generation biofuels: Cobalt Technologies and U.S. Navy to Jointly Develop Military Jet Fuel Mountain View, CA – November 03, 2010 – Today, Cobalt Technologies, the leader in commercializing biobutanol as a renewable chemical and fuel, announced the signature of a Cooperative Research and Development… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Feb 9, 2011 with 37 responses

Butanol 101

This story was initially intended to cover a recent interview that I did with Cobalt Technologies CEO Rick Wilson. However, the introduction and background on butanol became long enough that I felt it was a standalone story. The interview with Rick Wilson will follow this story in a few days. I have mentioned before that my first job out of college was with Celanese (at that time Hoechst Celanese). For most of my seven years with Celanese, I was a butanol engineer. I first spent two years developing computer models of the process, doing lab work, and providing engineering support to the Celanese plant in Bay City, Texas. I then transferred to Bay City and spent two years working as… Continue»

By Robert Rapier on Jun 12, 2007 with no responses

The Problem With Biobutanol

The Essay I Didn’t Want to Finish This is an essay that I have been promising for some time. I have had to start it from scratch a couple of times, and I am starting it from scratch again now. I tend to get a lot of e-mail about biobutanol, especially after people read the essay that I wrote on the subject last year: Biobutanol While I wrote about the potential for biobutanol in that essay, I also noted: I need to spend some time going over the patents and linked reports more closely to see if anything suggests a problem that has been glossed over. When I first started this essay, I was going to review the literature and… Continue»