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By Staff on Jul 21, 2010 with 13 responses

GE Offering $200m for a Smart Energy Idea

GE is offering a $200 million dare to startup entrepreneurs, technology pros and other innovative thinkers: Find a way to “reinvent how energy is produced, distributed and consumed.”

By Staff on May 27, 2010 with no responses

Texas to see US’ largest rollout of wireless smart meters

Nearly a quarter-million homes in Texas are set to have smart meters installed over the next five years that will be able to measure energy usage every 15 minutes.

By Lloyd McGraw on May 5, 2010 with 2 responses

SoCal Renewable Energy Transmission Lines to Power 3M Homes

Southern California Edison completed Phase I of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project as they aim to power millions of homes with renewable energy by 2015.

By ABraxton on Apr 19, 2010 with 26 responses

Smart Grid Training Coalition Receives DOE Grant

A coalition led by the University of Houston was awarded a $2.5 M grant to commence development of a program to train the smart grid workforce.

By Shay Bapple on Apr 12, 2010 with 5 responses

US Invests in Smart Grid Training

As the US prepares technicians for maintaining smart-grids, some consumers are complaining about the technology.

By Shay Bapple on Mar 23, 2010 with 4 responses

LED Street Lights- Time to Shine is Now

Cities across the country are testing the feasibility of saving money through conversion to LED street lights.

By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 11, 2009 with no responses

Boulder, Colorado Becomes World’s First Smart Grid City

Xcel Energy, using the Ventyx Smart Grid Operations Solution has created their first SmartGridCity.

By Jacob Cohen-Donnelly on Sep 3, 2009 with 1 response

ComEd Requests Federal Funding From ICC for Smart Grid

ComEd is looking to get federal funding provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for their Smart Grid projects.

By Wess McDougal on Aug 18, 2009 with no responses

Smart Internet Rerouting Could Save Companies 40%

Researches at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT are working on a new algorithm that is designed to route internet traffic to areas where the cost of energy is lower.

By Samuel R. Avro on Aug 16, 2009 with no responses

Department of Energy Receives Over 400 Smart Grid Grant Proposals

The maximum amount of money that is allowed to be requested stands at $200 million for the proposals that were closed on August 6th