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Crude Oil

Crude Oil (Petroleum)

The word petroleum generally refers to crude oil or the refined products obtained from the processing of crude oil (gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, etc.) We find petroleum products in every area of our lives. They are easily recognized in the gasoline we use to fuel our cars and the heating oil we use to warm our homes. However, petroleum-based components are also used in plastics, medicines, food items, and a host of other products.

In today’s day, oil makes up about 40% of the energy demand in the U.S. Nearly 70% of that is used for transportation – diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel, with the remainder used for industry and manufacturing, or to generate electricity.

Below, we will discuss the process of bringing the oil to the consumer – from its extraction to its usage as a finished product.

  1. Crude Formation and Production
  2. Where Oil is Produced
  3. Where the U.S. Gets its Oil From
  4. Refinery Process
  5. What is Made Out Of a Barrel Of Crude Oil