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Managing Your Energy More Efficiently, Lightly and Effectively through CHP Technologies

For businesses around the world, combined heat and power (CHP) is a god send. In one, efficient process, CHP produces usable electricity and utilises the massive amount of heat energy squandered by normal generators. In coal and gas fired power stations, this wastage can be as high as two-thirds of the total energy created!

A CHP unit can break the 90% efficiency barrier for energy creation. Not only is it a renewable technology that increases a company’s environmental performance, but it saves a considerable amount of money too. If you generate electricity in-house, it also protects the 7% energy lost through transmitting and distributing electricity from the National Grid.

Technological Breakthrough

Last year, Tesco benefited from a CHP system overhaul. Thanks to new, downsized units, this supermarket giant can enjoy models that are 40% smaller, 3.5 tonnes lighter, and much quieter. The insides of the unit have been completely redesigned to retain maximum efficiency in a reduced container. The pipework has been rerouted and the unit is both weatherproof and soundproof!

An added bonus is that carbon-saving CHP is now even more environmentally-friendly, as the streamlined product now requires less energy to construct. These mini units have been installed in more than 27 Tesco stores. Working with the manufacturing company, Tesco commissioned this project and watched it come to fruition in under six months!

Now facilities with space and noise constraints can also benefit from CHP units. It’s also less costly to transport, due to its lighter weight and smaller size, so it’s more cost-effective in general. This new CHP container has great export potential, and with its simple, quick installation, many companies will be able to get their CHP up and running, even if they have tight opening deadlines.

Tesco is exceptionally pleased with this new product and is proud that they could contribute to UK innovation. And it’s not only energy that these CHP units have been generating – interest from the retail, leisure, education, and industrial sectors has unsurprisingly emerged.

What This Means for Businesses

With CHP more usable and accessible than ever before, for both large and small companies, business owners can take advantage of efficiency optimising technology, save huge amounts of money, and improve their environmental performance.

During the recession, it’s more important now than ever to remain top of your game. Making your business as environmentally-friendly as possible keeps your company competitive in your market. Simple things like keeping office temperatures at a minimum and turning off all the lights after close of business are plainly obvious, but running a tight ship and reducing your carbon footprint is often overlooked; even though it’s a basic way to reduce overhead costs.

CHP is just another method that can help your company run efficiently. Certain companies will allow you to pay for this product through the savings you make from your energy efficiency. This way, your company reaps the benefits from the investment in CHP without taking a risk.

Composed by ENER-G Group who offer intelligent energy solutions by providing a bespoke energy service to a relevant business, depending on their investment capacity and preferred offering.