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gas prices

By Robert Rapier on Oct 7, 2012 with 31 responses

Understanding California’s Gasoline Prices

I am getting numerous questions about the situation with California’s surging gasoline prices. Therefore, I want to take some time to explain what makes California’s gasoline situation unique.

The EPA defines gasoline specifications, but many states have more restrictive specifications. The reasons for this are varied, but are primarily a function of the climate and the population density of an area. A cold, sparsely populated location will not suffer the same air quality issues as a warm, densely populated area and therefore those two locations may require different fuel specifications. Fuel blends that are specific to specific states are called boutique fuels. CONTINUE»

By Robert Rapier on Nov 14, 2010 with 166 responses

Inside Shell’s Bintulu GTL Plant

Robert Rapier writes about his recent tour of Shell’s gas-to-liquids plant in Malaysia.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Aug 13, 2010 with 3 responses

Instantly See Your Location’s Average Transportation Costs, Emissions

The latest in the snazzy series of useful tools and research on housing and transportation published by the Center for Neighborhood Technology is called Abogo.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Jul 25, 2010 with 3 responses

The Crumbling of the DC Metro

Access to the system is made difficult by broken escalators and elevators, slow and unpredictable service, and dirty and crowded cars.

By Nathanael Greene on Jun 24, 2010 with 18 responses

New Ad Slams Ethanol Tax Credit Give Away to Oil Companies

Everyone who thinks Big Oil should get $31 billion from U.S. taxpayers, please sign on the dotted line.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Jun 21, 2010 with no responses

Popularity of Walking, Bicycling for Transportation Soars

The number of walking trips taken by Americans has more than doubled in the last 20 years, from 18 billion in 1990 to 42.5 billion in 2009, according to a new report.

By Robert Rapier on Jun 11, 2010 with 52 responses

Five Positive Notes on Next-Generation Biofuels

Here are five positive notes extracted from the USDA report on next generation biofuels.

By Robert Rapier on Jun 7, 2010 with 76 responses

Five Challenges of Next-Generation Biofuels

The USDA has just issued a report detailing the outlook and challenges of next generation biofuels.

By Staff on Apr 19, 2010 with 1 response

The Watchmen Sleep While Energy Costs Raid the Village

We should see $100/bbl crude oil shortly, and $4 gasoline is certainly not out of the question.

By Kaid @ NRDC on Apr 12, 2010 with no responses

Poll finds overwhelming US support for improved public transit

Here are just a few tidbits from a new national poll conducted by Transportation for America, Public Opinion Strategies, and Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates: An overwhelming majority (82%) of Americans believe the country would benefit from improved public transportation. Most Americans (57% “strongly”) would like to spend less time in their cars. An overwhelming majority of Americans find current public transportation either not available at all (47%) or not convenient (35%) in their communities. A strong majority (59%) see public transportation as the best strategy for reducing traffic congestion. There is much more.  Here is an excellent slideshow summary of the poll results: Future Of Transportation Poll Summary (032910) Read more detail about the poll here, and federal… Continue»