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Four Ways Hybrid Cars Can Help the Environment

In an effort to become as sustainable as we can, hybrid cars have continued to increase in popularity as the country (and the rest of the world) looks for ways to increase fuel efficiency and decrease carbon emissions. Here are four ways the hybrid car is helping Planet Earth in its fight for all things eco-friendly.

1. Better gas mileage.

Hybrid cars contain two engines: typically a gasoline engine and either an electric or hydrogen engine.

According to, hybrid cars can drive an average of five miles per gallon farther than their non-hybrid counterparts – an amount that could save the United States nearly two million barrels of oil on a daily basis.

2. Less carbon emissions.

Approximately one-third of all carbon emissions in the United States are produced by vehicles, as reported by And according to an article on, that one-third equals nearly 300 million metric tons of carbon each year. Just think of how much less carbon dioxide is produced when gasoline is burned only when the alternative fuel runs low. So not only do hybrid cars save money in gas costs, but they help protect the environment as well.

3. Decreased drilling.

With pressure to decrease foreign drilling and to find more domestic drilling opportunities, there is the increased potential to harm wildlife and nature. However, with a greater reliance on hybrid cars, the demand for fuel will decrease. And with less fuel consumption the importance of expanded drilling will be diminished, which should benefit the environment.

4. Limited noise pollution.

Believe it or not, when a hybrid car isn’t using its gas engine, the motor is nearly silent. This not only gives you a quiet ride while driving but also helps reduce the noise pollution that comes from many noisy vehicles on the road.

There’s never been a better time to choose a car that can help the environment. Whichever type of car you decide to drive, it’s always best to do your homework to help you choose the right car. From hybrid cars to electric models and everything in between, you’re sure to find the smart and eco-friendly car choice for your situation. But don’t forget to shop around to find the car insurance rates that suit you best, too. Look online at car insurance reviews to make sure you pick a company you can trust.