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Coal & Nuclear

By Russ Finley on May 10, 2016 with 3 responses

What Environmentalists Are Getting Wrong: Articles of Interest and Commentary

Green Tech Media

I Was Wrong About the Limits of Solar. PV Is Becoming Dirt Cheap

by David Keith

Although quite upbeat about solar PV (and I’m also a big fan of solar PV), this article generated almost 300 comments because it was also frank about the limits of solar PV, and wind, and to make matters worse, he concluded the article with the following statement:

My view is that only two forms of energy — solar and nuclear power — can plausibly supply tens of terawatts without a huge environmental impact.


By Russ Finley on May 19, 2014 with 30 responses

Road Trip–Thoughts on the Satsop Nuclear Power Station


One of the Two Cooling Towers at the Unfinished Satsop Nuclear Power plant

My wife and I recently took a weekend road trip to view the annual shore bird migration along the Washington coast. Because it was along our route, we made a short stop in the town of Satsop.


By Robert Rapier on Oct 3, 2011 with 57 responses

Germany – It’s Not Easy Being Green

The following is a guest post from The subject matter is of great interest, as Germany is in the early stages of an experiment that is likely to prove challenging. Nuclear power advocates in Germany — including members of Merkel’s cabinet — have insisted that they can’t meet their greenhouse gas targets without nuclear power. Many have predicted that they will be forced to use more coal, and as this article points out they may end up importing nuclear power. Whether and how Germany adjusts to the sudden loss of nuclear power will demonstrate to the rest of the world that in fact it isn’t easy being green. ——————————- Germany – It’s Not Easy Being Green Forty-one years ago… Continue»

By Samuel R. Avro on Aug 1, 2010 with 28 responses

Report: Solar Energy Cheaper Than Nuclear Energy

“Solar Energy is Now the Better Buy” after reaching a “Historic Crossover” according to a new study.

By Staff on Jul 1, 2010 with 20 responses

A Tour Inside Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

Powering a Nation’s reporters had an opportunity to tour Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant in Vernon, Vermont.

By Staff on Jun 9, 2010 with 30 responses

Nuclear Power in Georgia: A Closer Look at Plant Vogtle

President Obama announced in February that Southern Company would receive $8.3 billion in loan guarantees to build the nation’s first nuclear reactors in 30 years.

By Juan Aguilar on May 11, 2010 with 2 responses

Green Georgians Bring Legal Impediment to Coal Plants

Environmentalists file five petitions in Court claiming that twp proposed coal power plants will harm Georgia’s air and water.

By Lloyd McGraw on Apr 30, 2010 with 1 response

Cap and Chased – Miss. Decision May Doom Coal Plant

A 2-1 decision from the Public Service Commission capping the amount of money invested in constructing a coal plant in Kemper County will likely sink the project altogether.

By Lloyd McGraw on Apr 28, 2010 with 8 responses

Birth of a Star – Nuclear Fusion’s Bold Dream

Scientists at the National Ignition Facility hope to use nuclear fusion to address the world’s energy concerns.

By Lloyd McGraw on Apr 21, 2010 with 39 responses

Controversial Report: Wind Energy Causes Pollution

Compliance with wind energy requirements results in coal based power plants cycling on and off irregularly causing them to create more harmful emissions than they normally produce.