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Our Mission:

Energy plays a critical role in all of our lives, and yet people are frequently uninformed or misinformed about the world’s energy systems and realities. As the name suggests, the mission of Energy Trends Insider is to explore trends and market drivers affecting the industry. Along with our sister publications and consulting group, we provide timely, impartial, and relevant information and analysis on current and emerging technology, investment, and policy trends across the energy spectrum. We aim to address and correct misconceptions, and to actively engage readers and exchange ideas. We try to emphasize the various trade-offs that are made in exchange for our various energy supplies so that hopefully informed decisions can be made about how to best meet our complex and changing demand for energy.

Publications and Services:

  • Energy Trends Insider: The site you are on, which we often affectionately refer to as “the mothership” of our information and analysis services.
  • Energy Trends Report: A bi-weekly newsletter detailing the latest trends in energy, linking back to our other publications and sites. Subscribe here.
  • Energy Trends Finance: A standalone publication and community, along with a built-in premium content service delivered weekly, that provides investors and other financial professionals with insight and recommendations on energy stocks and companies.
  • Energy Trends Consulting: Our analysis and consulting group that assists with scaling and commercialization of energy projects and technologies. These guys are smart.

Interested in Engaging our Audience?

Since we started Energy Trends Insider, we’ve made it our focus to bring together some of the most influential, yet difficult to reach, thought leaders, legislators, investors, energy provider and finance executives across the energy industry. And we’ve succeeded. With more than 150,000 unique impressions monthly, we consistently interact with leaders shaping the current and future trends of the energy industry.We offer a wide variety of integrated or standalone advertising and sponsorship opportunities. For more information on our audience, click here, download a media kit here or email

Contact Us:

Need to get hold of us, share an idea, weigh in on a topic? Drop us an email or ring (646) 543-7689.