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Like Michael Jordan Playing Baseball

Vinod Khosla often cites Michael Jordan’s failures as a prerequisite for his successes. Today, Robert Rapier argues that Vinod Khosla’s ventures in energy are more akin to Michael Jordan’s on the baseball diamond.

Why I Didn’t Short KiOR

In a recent column on the metric of “success” in Cleantech, I wrote that the measure of success that will matter to most people is whether the company sells energy at an affordable price: I simply don’t think that the fact that one can talk up a company and then IPO it at a profit is the proper metric for success. Some of those companies that have been IPO’d are grossly overvalued. Many of them won’t be around for long. (In fact, I wrestled hard this week with a decision to short one of them; I ultimately decided not to — but not because I don’t think the company is grossly overvalued). So is a company that is IPO’d, makes… Continue»

This Week in Energy: Gasification, China, Brazil, KiOR

This Week in Energy is a weekly round-up of news making headlines in the world of energy. Most of these stories are posted throughout the week to our Energy Ticker page. The purpose is to stimulate discussion on energy issues. Community members should feel free to turn these into open thread energy discussions. Suggestions and news tips are welcome. I (Sam) can be reached at editor [at] consumerenergyreport [dot] com. Reporting from the Gasification Technologies Conference This week Robert Rapier attended the 2011 Gasification Technologies Conference. This conference covers developments for converting coal, natural gas, and biomass to power and liquid fuels via gasification. Robert provided some updates from the conference on Twitter (@RRapier), including: Shell’s 140,000 bpd Pearl GTL… Continue»

This Week in Energy: Solyndra, Solyndra, Solyndra

For the past few months, the normal schedule on R-Squared Energy has been altered in order to ease Robert’s load so he can devote more time to writing chapters for his book on energy, slated to be published sometime next year. Instead of the customary twice-weekly essays written by Robert, we accepted guest articles once per week to keep the blog filled with fresh content while Robert published one essay (and sometimes two) of his own per week. While we still welcome guest post submissions, our plans moving forward are to cut down on how often we publish them. What we’re kicking off now is a weekly segment that will cover the stories of the week making headlines — and… Continue»

Thiel vs. Khosla on Cleantech: Who is Right?

Battle Over the Definition of Success in the ‘Cleantech’ Industry This past week PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel — who was also an early investor in Facebook — made headlines when he declared that “Cleantech is an increasingly large disaster that people in Silicon Valley aren’t even talking about any more. The failure in energy and transportation points to a larger failure in clean energy — we aren’t moving any faster, literally, than we were when modern airplanes first came out.” Those comments ruffled the feathers of Cleantech VC Vinod Khosla, who responded “Cleantech is not a disaster.” So who is correct? It depends entirely upon how one defines success: Over the last 12 months, Khosla has generated more than $1… Continue»