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Highlights of the 2015 Annual Energy Outlook

The Energy Information Administration looks into their crystal ball out to 2040. Robert Rapier discusses the highlights of their projections.

US Crude Oil Exports Headed to South Korea

The US has a crude oil export ban in place, but there are some exceptions to the rule. This week Robert Rapier discusses one that has enabled a tanker full of Alaskan crude oil to ship out for South Korea.

Answering Reader Questions 2009: Part 1

Before I took a recent trip to Canada, I opened up the floor for questions. Getting them answered has taken longer than I intended. Fortunately, other readers answered a lot of them in the comments of that thread. So I have sifted through the list, trying to find questions that were still open, or those I wanted to make an additional comment on. Thanks to those who submitted questions, as well as to those who answered them. A special thanks to Kit P., who wrote some extensive answers to some of the questions around electricity and saved me a good deal of work. This is going to take at least three installments. But I have put this off long enough,… Continue»

Rhode Island’s Smart Choice

Compressed Natural Gas A recent article in the Providence Journal caught my attention: Another fuel to power your car arrives in R.I. Some excerpts from the article: May 24–WARWICK — Hate the gas-guzzling SUV? Worried about greenhouse effects and smog? Fearful that we’ll someday run out of oil? Rhode Island’s eco-conscious, your day has come. Environmentalists have long offered the benefits of compressed natural gas vehicles as a solution to all of these problems. The engines burn immaculately clean. Vehicles powered by CNG produce only 10 percent of the carbon monoxide and particle discharge of gasoline-powered engines, and half the nitrogen oxides. Carbon dioxide discharge is reduced by 30 to 40 percent. The fuel, which is primarily methane, is cheaper… Continue»

Rapier Response to Miglietta

Introduction First of all, I would like to thank Joseph Miglietta for taking up my Ethanol Debate Challenge. I firmly believe that the best way to get to evaluate some of these claims is by having an open debate, with both sides presenting their arguments, and defending them from criticisms. If you are already an ethanol believer, you aren’t going to be convinced by FAQs from the American Petroleum Institute. Likewise, if you are already an ethanol skeptic, you aren’t going to be convinced by FAQs from the American Coalition for Ethanol. But, head to head exchanges offer a chance to critique the other side and determine whether the arguments hold up. I agree with some of what Joseph writes,… Continue»